Low cost, high-power diode laser by Atlantis

Six Laser Simple by Atlantis is a low cost, high-power diode laser designed for soft tissue surgery and ablation of lesions, endo decontamination, closed curettage of pockets, teeth whitening and therapy.

KaVo K-POWER grip- най-ефективният микромотор в своя клас

KaVo K-POWER grip micromotor by the company KaVo is the new product presented by Unident 92 EOOD. Dynamic and powerful, extremely high torque. This makes K-POWERgrip the most effective micromotor in its class. Virtually noiseless and vibration-free thanks to its asynchronous motor, it creates perfect working conditions. The new ultra slim cable additionally reduces the handpiece’s weight and provides more freedom of movement. 

Technical data: