Enamel plus HRi Function - мододент с универсален емайл за фронтални възстановявания

Mododent with universal enamel for frontal restorations

ENA Matrix The new matrix system by Micerium. Matrices, easier to use than traditional ones, and more precise than sectional analogues. Nickel-titanium alloy rings guarantee long-lasting results and precise contacts. Exceptional elasticity and durability. Anatomical matrices with vertical curvature and marginal edges designed to reduce polishing time and finishing procedures. The wedges can also be anatomically adapted to the interproximal area and allow tight gingival attachment to both the vestibular and lingual sides. Their special shape does not stress the papilla and prevents wedges from coming off during work.

Revanesse Kiss – филър, специално разработен за придаване на обем и контур на устните

Re-Gen presents Revanesse Kiss - developed for augmentation and lip contour

Revanesse Kiss is a product by Prollenium Medical Technologies Inc., specially developed for augmentation and volume contouring. Delicate lip properties require a specially formulated filter to provide good results after injection. The result of this special design is a filter that is easy to inject and to model after injection with fewer swelling.

Ехограф SonoScape  X5 - ново поколение мултифункционална ултразвукова система с впечатляваща мобилност и монитор с антирефлексно покритие

SonoScape Echoographer by Medical Express

SonoScape X5 is a new generation of a multifunctional ultrasound system with impressive mobility and 15.6 "LCD screen with anti-reflective coating. These are high-tech advanced ULTRA SLIM transducers and latest generation of processors for outstanding image quality at the most compact size. Full set of image modes and multiple packages for clinical measurements and analysis. Built-in battery allowing up to 90 minutes of continuous operation and fast start mode up to 24 seconds.


LUMED complete range of scalable devices

Lumed euroecg – electrocardiograhps a complete range of scalable devices: choose the print size you need and your device will always have every available feature: euroecg 12view 12ch on a4/letter paper, euroecg 6view 6ch on 110mm paper and euroecg 3view 3ch on 80mm paper. euroecg requires no options, it is all included: alpha-numeric keyboard, memory up to 10000 ecgs, automatic ecg measurements, automatic ecg interpretation, internal ecg storage as pdf, dicom, jpg, xml, data transmission to the pc or network.

Имплантът Kontact® осигурява отлично запазване на тъканите


The Kontact® range has a Morse-taper locking system.

This system stabilizes the implant-abutment connection and offers remarkable and recognized mechanical and physiological advantages.

EVS Translations Group за вашите езикови проекти на Булмедика Булдетал.

EVS Translations Group for your language project

If you need to speak with EVS Translations experts about possible solutions for your language projects, you do not have to meet them in a formal office environment! Welcome to booth B18 on the second day of the exhibition, May 18th , to become part of the improvised cocktail that the company has prepared for the guests. Aleksandra Zhekova, who was a participant in one of the Music Idol editions will bring cheer to the event.

Aвтомотор корпорация вносител на Citroen за България, произвежда линейки на база на модела JUMPER с европейско типово одобрение.

Automotor corporation – ambulances for Bulgaria

Automotor corporation, importing Citroen for Bulgaria, is an undisputed leader in the delivery of ambulances for Bulgaria. Only for the needs of Emergency and hospitals in the country are delivered more than 700 ambulances for the base of Citroen.

Кислороден коктейл, Bio-кислородна терапия и кислороден концентратор В1 ще покажат от АБС-ко ООД.

Oxygen cocktail of the future

For the first time in Bulgaria ABC-co Ltd. presents an oxygen cocktail considered as the drink of the future. The cocktail is for everyday use; it consists of medial oxygen with purity of 90-99% + vitamins + minerals + proteins. It has a positive influence on different diseases by improving blood circulation, purifying blood from toxins and regulating the microflora in the intestines, slowing down the aging process, removes fatigue, stimulates mental activity. Presenting the necessary products oxygen concentrate + mixture and BOLISS COMPLEX sachet. Suitable for household purposes, hospitals, gyms, spa centers, hotels and others.