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Portable CNT X-ray for digital dental diagnostics

  • CNT digital X-ray source
  • Convenient operation & Easy maintenance
  • Can take high resolution of X-ray images minimal radiation
  • Flexible power range
  • Analogue film and digital sensor(70kV, 2mA)
  • Ergonomic & user friendly design

CNT(Carbon Nano Tube) Innovation

Commercialized the world’s first CNT-based digital X-ray

CNT enables users to simultaneously control the X-ray in stable pulse, which is technically impossible with current analogue type tubes.

The field of X-ray is falling behind the times as it has been using analogue tubes for over 100years. CNT will open a new era of fully digitalized X-ray thanks to its technological advancements(High-speed, miniaturized, high-resolution, etc).

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