Next generation 3-in-1 X-ray by MyRay

Next generation 3-in-1 X-ray by manufacturer MyRay presented by Medical Depo RiK OOD. The new Hyperion X9 Pro offers a wide range of 2D analyses, cephalometric projections and all the best of 3D technology.

Ossix Volumax – collagen scaffold from MDM

Ossix Volumax collagen scaffold by DATUM DENTAL LTD is a product specialists can find at the stand of Medical and Dental Materials, MDM OOD. It is a collagen scaffold, inducing bone formation for augmentation or filling of soft and/or hard tissue without the use of bone graft.

MEDIM-397- a multi-function device for physiotherapy 

Medim-397 by the Bulgarian company MDM-97 Ltd. is the first Bulgarian device for electrotherapy with low and medium frequency currents, with the possibility of adding different modules for combined physiotherapy (ultrasound, magnet, vacuum, laser) according to the client's requirements.