Ексел Дент с модерен и стилен ендомотор с вграден апекслокатор

Endo Pilot 2 е модерен и стилен ендомотор с вграден апекслокатор, наследник на Endo Pilot Comfort. Нов дизайн, 7 инчов цветен сензорен дисплей, мощна Li-ion батерия (до 16 часа опреративно време), безжичен педал. Интуитивно меню, богата библиотека с NiTi системи с възможност за лесен ъпдейт. С реципрочно въртене, възможност за надграждане с Downpack и BackFill.

The innovative flexible sensor Ez Sensor Soft is among the suggestions by Dentios

Ez Sensor Soft, manufactured by VATECH GLOBAL, is an innovative flexible sensor designed for fast and easy positioning even in hard-to-reach areas. The product improves the quality and speed of operation, while providing patient comfort, rounded edges and flexible structure to prevent pain or injury during imaging. At BULMEDICA / BULDENTAL exhibition it will be presented by Dentios.

The SILENT compact -a small, workplace extraction unit for one appliance

GEO Expert Wax Set  A. Bruguera is a wax set for creating monolithic, diagnostic , esthetic and hyper realistic wax-ups developed by August Bruguera. Natural tooth contours are created easily. quickly and accurately. The GEO Expert effect white / orange / blue / brown waxes are used to customize the wax model.

Dentatechnica presents an intraoral scanner for digital fingerprinting

The first lithium-disilicate PRESS ceramics with the unique technology by GC High Density Micronization (HDM). LiSi Press uses evenly dispersed lithium disilicate microcrystals to fill the entire glass matrix instead of traditional larger sized crystals that do not take full advantage of the matrix structure. This unique technology gives Lisi Press exceptional stability without deformation or volume reduction after repeated firing. The result is an exceptional combination of strength and aesthetics.

Dental device, X-ray system and a unit at the booth of DeMaCom

Among the products to be highlighted by DeMaCom at the edition of BULMEDICA / BULDENTAL is the dental X-ray system Durr Dental VistaIntra, manufactured by Durr Dental, Germany. Durr Dental has also added high-frequency dental X-ray unit to its portfolio. In combination with other products for visualization, the company achieves outstanding image quality, now from one provider.

Blood sampling chair by Valdi

The blood sampling chair by Valdi has a robust metal structure with anti-corrosion, protective coating. The chair is stationary with three sections - backrest, seat and legs. Mechanical movement of the back and leg sections. The product has an adjustable height and angle of the patient's arm position on the upholstered pieces for blood sampling.

Excursions for dentists and dental technicians by Apollo

A unique excursion only for connoisseurs of the most beautiful and unknown places in Argentina offered byApollo. 9 days around the most interesting parts of Argentina, departing on November 16, 2017. You can explore Buenos Aires and "The End of the Earth“. The beauty of Patagonia, Ushuaia, Land of Fire and all their resources will be revealed to Bulgarian travelers.

Dental equipment by ANVITA

Dental equipment ANVITA ADL-6. Dental unit, suspended on hinged arm with upper hoses with optional 5 or 6 instruments. Supplied with three-way handle, motor and scaler outlets, 3 lighting hoses, negativoscope, pneumatic brake, movable table under the unit, air regulation for each instrument.

Avramoff Ltd. offers specialized medical work clothes

During BULMEDICA / BULDENTAL, Avramoff Ltd will exhibit specialized medical work clothes. The company manufactures and offers a wide range of products - medical working clothes, tunics, aprons, kits, robes, vests, surgical aprons, surgical caps, medical shoes, X-ray protection.