Glycated hemoglobin as a marker for the diagnosis of diabetes

One of the most important markers for diagnosing diabetes is glycated hemoglobin. Details on its formation, functions and importance were provided by Tsvetelina Tsakova, Ioana Serafimova and Martina Momchilova. As part of the presenters from the Yordanka Filaretova Medical College, within the framework of the side-events program at Bulmedica / Buldental 2017, they delivered the lecture "Glycated hemoglobin - an important marker in the diagnosis of diabetes".

The ultrasound device - the doctor's eye

When future parents understand that they will be blessed with a baby, questions arise about the physical condition of the fetus and its development. One of the main ways for professionals to track pregnancies and for the happy couples to get acquainted with their child before birth is the ultrasound device.

Useful tips for ceramic veneers and onlays at Bulmedica / Bulendal 2017

The interesting side-events program of Bulmedica / Buldental continues on the second day of the specialized international exhibition for medicine and dental medicine. During the 2nd Dental Tribune Conference @ Buldental, specialists received valuable information and advice on ceramic veneers and onlays during the lecture "Ceramic veneers and onlays. How did the development of materials and techniques change modern prosthetics? "

3D printing in dentistry

Modern technologies, innovations and topical issues in medicine and dentistry are among the highlights of this year's side-evets program at Bulmedica/Buldental 2017, which is held from 17 to 19 May at Inter Expo Center. The topic of 3D printing in dentistry was discussed during the 2nd Dental Tribune Conference @ Buldental.

GapSeal set by Chimtrade Komet

At the exhibition BULMEDIKA / BULDENTAL 2017 THE COMPANY Chimtrade Komet will highlight its GapSeal set. It consists of an applicator and 10 tips.

Дамски и мъжки туники от Кали БГ

Модел FSN е дамска туника с къс или дълъг ръкав в повече от 28 различни цветови комбинации. Модерен и елегантен дизайн, подходящ за всяка фигура. Възможност за брандиране на лого чрез бродерия.Туниката е с втален силует, яка столче, украсителни шевове на горна предна част, украсителен шев на коланче(гръб), два долни джоба и един горен. Свиваемостта е 0%.

ЕНЕРГОН с InBody 720 и Renaissance комплект VIVA PLUS

InBody 720 и Renaissance комплект VIVA PLUS ще бъдат два от продуктите, на които компания ЕНЕРГОН ще акцентира през тазгодишното изложение БУЛМЕДИКА/БУЛДЕНТАЛ. Всички неини предложения ще могат да бъдат открити в зала 1, щанд C 10.