Водещи компании в сферата на медицината и здравето са партньори на изложение БУЛМЕДИКА/БУЛДЕНТАЛ/ДЕРМА & ЕСТЕТИКА 2023
Скринингови изследвания за диабет се провеждат на изложение БУЛМЕДИКА / БУЛДЕНТАЛ / ДЕРМА & EСТЕТИКА
Кои събития фокусират медицинските, денталните и дерматологичните специалисти от 31 май до 2 юни?


In compliance with the requirements of the health authorities, from October 7 to 9 in the Inter Expo Center gather the medical, dental and aesthetic medicine sector.

From October 7 to 9 in Inter Expo Center opens its doors for the international business forum BULMEDICA / BULDENTAL / DERMA & AESTHETICS. The beginning of the event is a kind of restart for the Bulgarian exhibition industry for 2020. “All the necessary measures envisaged by the authorities in connection with COVID-19 will be taken,” commented the organizers of the exhibition, dedicated to the medical, dental and aesthetic medicine sectors.

He confirmed his presence on the second day of the exhibition – October 8. Dr. Boyko Takov – Executive Director of the Executive Agency for Promotion of Small and Medium Enterprises (BSMEPA), who will visit company stands and meet with exhibitors. Official invitations for a visit were sent to the Minister of Health – Prof. Kostadin Angelov, the Minister of Economy – Lachezar Borisov and to the Chief State Health Inspector Assoc. Prof. Dr., MD. Angel Kunchev.

Inter Expo Center is designed for holding specialized exhibitions with all conditions and is the place that ensures that under the conditions created such events can be held in a safe and healthy environment. The exhibition center provides intelligent control of the ventilation systems in the exhibition halls. This ensures good ventilation of the spaces. The large volume of air in the exhibition halls, over 10 m high, is another prerequisite for a safe and secure environment at any time of the business forums.

No waiting and queues

Exhibitions such as BULMEDICA / BULDENTAL / DERMA & AESTHETICS are inherently different from mass events (such as concerts), gathering a large number of people at the same time. Unlike them and given their nature, the exhibitions do not gather the total number of visitors in the same time range in one common space. Thus, in practice, the possibility of gatherings of large groups of people is excluded and, accordingly, free movement is ensured in compliance with all measures prescribed by the authorities.

“In order to avoid the possibility of crowding and queues at the entrances of the Inter Expo Center and to ensure the smooth movement of visitors, we have provided for a” smart introduction “at the entrance of the halls to control the flow of people,” said the organizers. For this purpose, a Crowd management system has been developed, which implements the input-output mode, by marking all entrances and exits and indicating the direction of movement of visitors, as well as by using access management technologies. When designing the area distribution, the size of the paths between the stands has been increased to ensure the necessary distance between the participants in the exhibitions.

Areas of innovation

Participants from Bulgaria and abroad prove that the medical, dental and aesthetic medicine sectors are areas of innovation. 3D – the technologies are from the accents of BULMEDICA. Among them are combined devices for panoramic, cephalographic and 3D examinations. The focus of the companies are also software products, portable devices, ultrasounds of the latest generation, X-ray equipment, digital and blood pressure monitors, telemetry systems, artificial intelligence in obstetrics and gynecology. Optimal hygiene in the health sector is another of the leading highlights of the exhibition.

At BULDENTAL we find innovations in dental implants and implant systems, practices in dentistry, dental technology, oral hygiene and dental materials. Judging by the trends of the sector, the devices are more and more mobile. Wireless instruments, new alloys, optical technologies, 3D printers, scanners, microscopes, dental units and next-generation implants are just some of the products. And this year we can visit the new theme DERMA & AESTHETICS. Dedicated to dermatology and aesthetic medicine, its second edition allows a meeting with innovative equipment, dermo-cosmetic products for face and body, dermal fillers, diagnostic and therapeutic technologies and approaches.

Prevention – focus of the accompanying program

Timely treatment is among the highlights of the accompanying program. The topic is the focus of the event “Do not delay your treatment”, organized by CREDOWEB, in partnership with the Bulgarian Medical Union and Inter Expo Center. Specialists in Cardiology, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Dermatology, Urology, Pulmonology, Obstetrics and Gynecology gather in a special seminar hall on October 8. The focus is on health problems and their care in the context of a coronavirus pandemic.

Diabetes prevention is also an accent. The National Diabetes Association presents an online and offline program with self-help groups “Lose Weight Boldly”. For the first time in our country blood sugar sensors are presented. Glucometers with telemedicine will be demonstrated. The professionals from the Bulgarian Red Cross present the possibilities of automatic defibrillators. The intensive course of endodontic treatment in four levels is directed to the specialists. On October 8, those present immersed themselves in the topic of non-surgical treatment of root canals. In the days of the exhibition we can attend many company presentations and demonstrations.

Despite the complicated situation following the Covid-19 pandemic, BULMEDICA / BULDENTAL / DERMA & AESTHETICS will not break the tradition of 54 years and will again meet the needs of the medical and dental sector in Bulgaria and the region, providing an opportunity to exchange ideas, knowledge and experience. Detailed information about the exhibition can be found on bulmedica.bg.