Водещи компании в сферата на медицината и здравето са партньори на изложение БУЛМЕДИКА/БУЛДЕНТАЛ/ДЕРМА & ЕСТЕТИКА 2023
Скринингови изследвания за диабет се провеждат на изложение БУЛМЕДИКА / БУЛДЕНТАЛ / ДЕРМА & EСТЕТИКА
Кои събития фокусират медицинските, денталните и дерматологичните специалисти от 31 май до 2 юни?

Comprehensive body care in a natural way

Walking around the full halls of Bulmedica / Buldental you will surely come across a booth that consults everyone who wishes to learn what is the overall condition of his body.

Energon Plc Branch is a representative of the Czech company ZES – a manufacturer of medical devices for low frequency impulse magnetotherapy. Professional body analyzers impress visitors with a quick and accurate assessment of what part of the body represents fat and muscle tissue, intracellular and extracellular water, volume of fluids, minerals and proteins. It is interesting how the waist-thigh ratio is calculated. This indicator can help everyone understand if there are functional disorders that can lead to deceases.

Besides the body analyzers at the Energon Plc booth, you will also find information on low frequency impulse magnetotherapy. The regenerative and healing effects of the pulsed magnetic field have been known for many years by the experts. The therapy affects positively biochemical and biophysical reactions in the cells, improving the permeability of cell membranes. Magnetotherapy has a beneficial effect on osteoporosis, cold, migraine, bronchitis, diabetes, asthma, cellulitis, high blood pressure and many other problems.

Continuing your tour in the halls of Inter Expo Center you will also find the innovative plasmolifting technology, presented by “Aesthetic-Med BG”. Plasmolifting in dentistry is a modern and safe procedure that allows local stimulation of tissue regeneration. It removes the inflammatory process of the periodontal and assists the natural regeneration of the color, shape and structure of the gums and bone tissue.

Plasmolifting ™ process is based on a patented patient’s blood-processing method using a special set of vacuum biotechnology tubes and a special principle of centrifugation. As a result, an injectable form of the autoplasm is received, containing thrombocytes, that is a product for introduction into the tissues of the periodontium.

The charming representative at the booth of the company Biodoctor, talked about some of the products, such as Cellfood, the дxygen series, for effects on tumors and the herb extracts that deliver the complete power of nature to the whole organism. Biodoctor offers highly qualified health care with a number of proven traditional but also state-of-the-art and integrative medical practices for both diagnostics and therapy. An interesting product of the company is the bloodless free-radical imaging unit, which causes serious health problems such as cancer, diabetes, brain and cardiovascular diseases, acute and chronic inflammation, rapid aging and more.

Nature is increasingly imposing its power in the treatment of people around the world. The Bulmedica / Buldental exhibitors make great efforts to inform every visitor about the best they can get during the medical exhibition.