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Diaton tonometer for contactless measurement of eye pressure

Megamed Bulgaria will offer Diaton tonometer for contactless measurement of intraocular pressure.

The contactless Diaton tonometer is an electronic-mechanical, 100 % professional instrument with built-in electronic chips and fine mechanics. It was developed about 15 years ago. It is used around the world. The Diaton tonometer is a diagnostic piece of equipment with 95 % accuracy, measured against the Goldman tonometer. One measurement is carried out for ~ 10 seconds per eye. The Diaton tonometer is portable and convenient to store. It does not require sterilization.

More advantages:

– Intraocular pressure spreads equally on the surface of the eye (the eye is a sphere).

– Touching the top surface of the eyelid is gentle and light. There is no pressure and no pain.
– Measuring does not require touching the cornea (it is carried out through the eyelid). Therefore, there is no need for anesthesia and no need to recalculate the corneal thickness.
–    After the measurement, the tonometer immediately displays the result of the eye pressure in electronic form on the built-in screen.
There is no risk of cross-infection because it does not touch the eye, but just the skin of the eyelid.
–    Works without work supplies.
– There is a need for a flat small circular 3V battery, which is sufficient for 1500 measurements.
–    It can measure eye pressure regardless of the thickness of the cornea, because it does not measure through it, but through the sclera.
– It can take the measurement with the patient sitting or lying down.
–    It can measure the pressure even in completely immobilized patients.
– It does not require mandatory removal of the patient’s lenses.
– For children: gentle eye pressure measurement.
–    Can measure ocular pressure in patients after corneal surgery, since the measurement is taken through the eyelid.
– Can measure the pressure during viral infections, allergic reactions, dry eye syndrome, chronic conjunctivitis, cornea opacity, keratitis, keratoconus, after keratoplasty, corneal edema or erosion, high entropy/astigmatism, blepharospasm. In all these cases, and not only then, it is recommended to use a Diaton tonometer.
– Easy to learn: any reasonable adult can be trained to measure eye pressure with it.
–    The Diaton tonometer is made of fine electronics and stainless steel.
–    It is a sturdy and reliable appliance, with the manufacturer guaranteeing a long operational life.
– Suitable for daily and prophylactic eye pressure monitoring.

How does the Diaton tonometer work: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ROm-8yRKZyc

You can learn more about the Diaton tonometer in Hall 1, Stand C5.