Лекар, Изложения Булмедика/Булдентал/Дерма&Естетика

New dates for Bulmedica/Buldental/Derma&Aesthetics

In reference with a decision of the National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria  the National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria on the introduction of a state of emergency on 13 March 2020, and the Decision of the Council of Ministers of 08 March this year, on the introduction of measures in relation with Covid-19 on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, as an organizer of the exhibition Bulmedica / Buldental / Derma & Aesthetics, Inter Expo Center, postpones the holding of the exhibition during the previously announced period May 13-15, 2020.

С удобната и компактна система за криохирургия Cryo Alfa, представена на българския пазар от фирма Инфонита, ще могат да се запознаят посетителите на международното изложение БУЛМЕДИКА БУЛДЕНТАЛ, от 15 до 17 май, в Интер Експо Център.

Cryosurgical system Cryo Alfa

The convenient and compact system for Cryosurgery Cryo Alfa is already launched on the Bulgarian market. It will be presented to the visitors at the International Exhibition BULMEDICA/BULDENTAL from 15 to 17 May at Inter Expo Center.

LOCAPEX 6 на фирмата производител IONYX, предложен от Роми-Дент ООД, е ергономичен, компактен уред, който дава сигурен резултат. 100% дигитално измерване, без отклонение в точността на измерването във всеки един момент.

LOCAPEX 6-100% digital measurement during operation

LOCAPEX 6 of the manufacturer IONYX is an ergonomic, compact device that gives a reliable result. 100% digital measurement without deviation of measurement accuracy at any time. Thanks to a special filtration system Locapex 6 manages to eliminate false signals during progressive work in the root canals. More than just compact, the new design allows for apical access to the foramen level. Locapex 6 allows you to work safely with AAA batteries that guarantee operation for a period from 6 to 12 months, depending on the operation intensity. The appliance has 2 years full warranty.

Технодента ЕООД представя Inspector Turbina - приложение, създадено да информирa денталните лекари за възникнали проблеми в лагерите и мощността на инструментите и необходимостта от ремонт.

Inspector Turbina setects problems in Dental Practitioners Tools

Inspector Turbina is an application designed to read the revolutions of the dental turbines. It offers a solution to an important problem in dental practice. Inspector Turbina is advising dental practitioners about possibleproblems in the bearings and the power of the tools and the need for repair, the company Technodenta EOOD announced.

KaVo Prophyflex 4 - устройство за щадящо полиране с въздух на зъбни повърхности предлага Унидент 92 ЕООД на БУЛМЕДИКА БУЛДЕНТАЛ 2019

Gentle air polishing of dental surfaces

The professional audience of BULMEDICA/BULDENTAL 2019 will discover a device for gentle polishing with air of the tooth surfaces, announced the company Unident 92 EOOD. The Device KaVo Prophyflex 4 of the company manufacturer KaVo works with individually adjustable and perfectly balanced nozzle for comfortable holding and efficient treatment.