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ROMY-DENT Ltd. Introduces bioactive sealer, post-extraction augmentation membrane, and a photopolymer

BULMEDICA / BULDENTAL 2017 will be the place where ROMY-DENT Ltd. will present the innovative products it offers.

Among the company’s highlights during this year’s edition will be the Bio-Root RCS produced by Septodont. This is the latest generation of mineral bioactive sealer with outstanding sealing properties. It functions without shrinkage, has high pH = 11q with antimicrobial properties, with adapted fluidity, 10 minutes working time, final polymerization in less than 4 hours and is radiopaque. It is based on powdered calcium silicate, zirconium oxide and povidone plus a solution of calcium chloride and polycarboxylates.

Bio-Gide Shape is a product by Geistlich. The new pre-cut membrane for rapid and secure post-extraction augmentation in combination with Bio-Oss or Bio-Oss Collagen bone-replacing material gives excellent results. Comfortable, easy to work, ready to use, of organic origin.

Bio-Gide Shape

Company ROMY-DENT Ltd. will also focus on Bio Functional Enamel Plus HRi, created by Micerium. This latest generation photopolymer is free of Bis-GMA. It has an enamel with the properties and quality of gold by the abrasion resistance coefficient. It is aesthetically equal to the natural enamel created specifically for distal teeth. It allows recovery via a micro invasive method, consistent with the neuro-muscular system. The product is highly biocompatible and does not contain comonomers; It is also free of Bis-GMA, highly reactive and contains fluoride.

All offers by the company can be found in Exhibition Hall 2, Booth C3.