Prevention, diagnostics and therapy attract the attention of specialists from 15 to 17 May – at BULMEDICA/BULDENTAL/DERMA & AESTHETICS 2019


A large-scale conference initiated by Foundation “Academy Cardiology” and Arbilis starts on 15 May at Inter Expo Center

Prevention, healthy lifestyle and the priorities of modern healthcare are in the focus of the accompanying program of the international exhibition BULMEDICA/BULDENTAL/DERMA & AESTHETICS 2019. During the exhibition, specialists will have the opportunity to attend a series of seminars, lectures and discussions. Prevention strategies for a healthy lifestyle and eating habits, motor activity, food supplements and bioproducts and the new technologies in modern therapy will be the subject of discussions and debates.

The second scientific-applied conference “Prevention, Diagnosis and Therapy in Youth and Adulthood,” initiated by Foundation “Academy Cardiology” and Arbilis, will focus on two directions – “Healthy Lifestyle” School from 15 to 17 May and “Effective and Safe Approaches in Prevention, Diagnosis and Therapy in Youth and Adulthood” – from 17 to 19 May at Inter Expo Center.

Healthy eating habits – the focus of the first exhibition day

During the first exhibition day, the scientific conference will focus on healthy eating habits and nutritional deficiency disorders. Speakers will focus on the modern aspects of nutrition science, alternative diets, the importance of vitamin D for human health. Recommendations on nutrition in youth and adulthood, and European and national priority strategies will be discussed.

Dentistry and cardiovascular prophylaxis

On 16 May, the attention of dental specialists will be directed towards the challenges in dental surgery. Speakers will highlight the prophylaxis of infective endocarditis in dental procedures, periodontitis and cardiovascular diseases and the effect of smoking on oral health.

What are the consequences of being overweight and why do we need to be physically active?

The issues of being overweight, the health risks that carries, eating disorders, modern approaches to prevention and therapy, the benefits of physical activity, as well as the health risks in the absence of such – these are the issues that will be raised before the delegates. Specialists will review population indicators for the European Union and Bulgaria and will present the recommendations of WHO. On 16 May specialists will also debate alcohol consumption and the health risks of alcohol abuse, as well as the topic of “Smoking and health risks.”

During the last day of the exhibition, in Vitosha hall, the “Functional Foods and Food Supplements” session will take place and the role of the latter in maintaining human health, as well as the functions of probiotics and prebiotics will be presented.

Hepatic diseases and myocardial diseases

17 May will see the launch of the “”Effective and Safe Approaches to Prevention, Diagnosis and Therapy in Youth and Adulthood” panel, with a scientific session on “Hepatic Diseases in Youth.” In the other panels, the focus will be on the aspects of myocardial diseases, “Cardioversion in atrial fibrillation and anticoagulation,” “Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension,” “Clinical Pharmacy” and “Serious Coronary Risk Factors in Early Age and Adulthood.”

The second scientific-applied conference “Prevention, Diagnosis and Therapy in Youth and Adulthood” will continue until 19 May. The topics of 18 and 19 May will include problems in youth, including anorexia and eating disorders in youth and abuse of hormone products. A scientific symposium on arterial hypertension and insulin resistance will also be held. The topics of kidney diseases and viral hepatitis in youth will also be reviewed in detail. Specialists will also be interested to learn more at the symposia “Pregnancy and Cardiovascular Diseases” and “Control of the Cardiovascular Risk in Young People.” On 19 May the focus will be on dermatological problems and motor activity of young people.

The extensive accompanying program of BULMEDICA/BULDENTAL/DERMA & AESTHETICS 2019 establishes the international exhibition as a leading forum for presenting innovations and trends of great significance for professional growth. This year, there are over 220 direct participants. Among them, there are companies from Bulgaria, Germany, Portugal, Singapore, China, Taiwan, Pakistan, Romania, Italy, France, Greece, Turkey, Slovenia, Latvia, Hungary and others. Almost 70 of them participate in the exhibition for the first time. More than 980 brands will attract the attention of visitors, and the applications of the expected more than 280 innovations in the sector will be demonstrated before an audience of over 13,500 specialists.

Find out everything about the accompanying program of BULMEDICA/BULDENTAL/DERMA & AESTHETICS 2019 HERE.