Within three days: Bulmedica / Buldental brought together over 13,400 experts

Още по-мащабно, изпълвайки три изложбени зали, тазгодишното издание на изложение Булмедика Булдентал отново събра специалистите и опериращите в сферата на здравеопазването. Професионалистите се запознаха с най-новите продукти, тенденциите и възможностите, които новите технологии предоставят на модерната медицина и дентална медицина. Изложението се проведе от 16 до 18 май в Интер Експо Център и събра заедно 13 497 специалисти и гости.

From 16 to 18 May the halls of Inter Expo Center were specially reserved for medicine and dental medicine

Organized at an even larger scale, filling up the three exhibition halls, this year's еxhibition Bulmedica/Buldental once again brought together experts and health care professionals. Professionals reviewed the latest products, trends and opportunities provided by the new technologies for modern medicine and dental medicine. The exhibition was held from 16 to 18 May at Inter Expo Center and gathered 13,497 experts and guests.

The forum offered opportunities for meeting between specialists and some of the leading companies in the sector ,and again created a successful platform for creating professional and business contacts. The attending public had the opportunity to review the exhibits, which were presented by over 200 exhibitors. 20 countries - Bulgaria, Great Britain, Canada, Germany, Portugal, Singapore, China, Taiwan, Pakistan, Romania, Italy, Switzerland, France, Greece, Holland, Turkey, Poland, Hungary, Latvia and Slovenia , situated their own booths. They all presented over 250 innovative products, showing the high-tech future of the sector.

The accompanying program addressed topical issues

The exhibition and congress halls of Inter Expo Center were also "taken over" by the extensive accompanying program. Seminars, demonstrations and presentations addressed the current trends in treatment, the latest products, the prevention of various illnesses and public safety. The National Patient Organization (NGO) conducted a screening campaign for hepatitis C, measuring blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure, and thyroid disease.

The interest of the visitors was provoked by the Medical College "Yordanka Filaretova". The lecturers addressed a series of important topics, including spinal-cerebral trauma and their rehabilitation, imaging in hypo- and hyperdonitis, systemic inflammation and immunological diagnostics, and more. " "Keep going in the same positive spirit" wished the representatives of the National Association "Diabetes, pre-diabetes and metabolic syndrome" to Bulmedica/Buldental. During the three exhibition days, the organization conducted research on type 2 diabetes and proposed measuring different vital indicators of health.

The Mom and Baby 2018 Forum, dedicated to  "Pregnancy and Childbirth without Fear," addressed birth, motherhood and all the issues for which expecting mothers look for meaningful answers. The accompanying program put on the agenda modern methods of diagnosis and therapy in oncology, pulmonary hypertension in women, the application of plasma technology in dermocosmetics, as well as the demographic mega trends and the mission of dental experts. A special meeting of prosthetic dentists highlighted the new trends in the sector.

The audiencе met the human lives savior – Gary the friendly dog. He proved that with the four-legged pets with their skills, have undergone special training , are the main unit in every rescue service in the world. The event was organized by the Bulgarian Red Cross.

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The magic of technology and innovation filled-up the halls of Inter Expo Center. Over 250 of them have demonstrated the capabilities of high technology and the constant pursuit of the sector development specialists in order to optimally treat the patient and improve public health. Among the novelties in the field of medicine there were devices and technologies for gynecology, cardiology, physiotherapy. Emphasis was also put on the dynamic aesthetic medicine sector, management software, as well as the latest products for the doctor's surgeries.

The dental medicine sector has attracted professionals with offers from field of dental treatment, prosthetic dentistry, dental equipment and furnishings. The exhibitors presented the latest solutions in endodontics, orthodontics and aesthetic medicine. Implantology was among this year's highlights. Visitors found dental implants and implant systems, piezo ceramic devices, implant placement technologies and more. There was a variety of deals in the field of oral health and oral hygiene.

Five vouchers

For the sixth consecutive year Bulmedica / Buldental awarded the visitors its traditional five vouchers, each worth BGN 2,000. On the last day of the exhibition, May 18, in the presence of a committee, there were drawn the names of five specialists who visited the exhibition and completed a questionnaire were drawn. With the vouchers they can buy equipment and supplies from exhibitors at Bulmedica / Buldental 2018.

For the 52nd time, Bulmedica / Buldental managed to create an atmosphere, proving how important it is for everybody in the sector to save the exhibition dates in their calendars.