"Smart" medicine at the International Exhibition Bulmedica / Buldental 2018

More than 250 innovations from medical and dental practice will await the expect the experts from May 16th to 18th at Inter Expo Center

In modern times, smart technologies are being implemented in every sector, including medicine. From 16 to 18 May, the Inter Expo Center halls will be packed with new and successful products and technologies. The medical practice is now going into the fast lane and is looking for smart solutions. The exhibition includes Bulgarian manufacturers of medical and dental equipment, equipment, materials and consumables. This year 200 companies- direct exhibitors from Bulgaria and abroad will present more than 870 brands from 50 countries. "More than 250 innovations from medical and dental practice will be awaiting medical and dental specialists," the organizers from Inter Expo Center announced. Innovative solutions create a prerequisite for a complete renovation of hospitals. In addition, events and demonstrations will facilitate their implementation in medical practice.

The professional medical and dental software SIMO is designed to help manage your medical practice. It organizes patient data, stores all results, research and documents, but also helps to reduce costs and effectively manage the medical team. SIMO is connected to the medical equipment and the examination is automatically recorded. SIMO is under development and will be launched in four stages in 2018. The Еasybook web platform is a complete solution for on-line bookings of services offered in the categories of health, beauty, business and more. It has software for managing services offered by the medical practice, employee schedules, and patients contacts.

Smart and fast technology

This year, the medical profile of the exhibition focuses on the progress in imaging, physiotherapy, aesthetic medicine. New technologies are faster and smarter than ever. The new Point-of-care testing platform (POCT) uses a revolutionary design that provides fast and reliable measurement. Experts will also find the world's fastest ankle-brachial indexing machine (ABI) by the Slovenian company MESI Ltd. Reliable and accurate results are received in just one minute. During the show, anyone can do a screening with ABI.

Specialists will get acquainted with the first Bulgarian electrotherapy device with low and medium frequency currents, with the possibility to add different modules for combined physiotherapy (ultrasound, magnet, vacuum, laser). The mobile ultrasound device for physiotherapy at 1 and 3 MHz by the German company ZIMMER is a preferred product.

The Vinno E35 ultrasonic color Doppler system is fully designed in a compact and compact form. Its mobility allows for widespread use. The unique 3D / 4D feature provides a complete midwifery solution. The revolutionary RF platform removes restrictions on hardware pre-processing and demodulation of the traditional ultrasonic platform.

The new generation SonoScape E1 portable echo provides the highest image quality in its class. Lightweight and comfortable, with innovative technologies in place, it is used not only in gynecology but also in all clinical directions. Precision printers with excellent print quality and contrast for photos and films complement the high professionalism of the specialists. A hybrid model by Sony ,for example, lets you print multiple images on one film.

Effective therapies

The BIOPTRON Light Therapy System helps to strengthen the immune system and stimulate the regenerative processes throughout the body. Another unique device relieves pain and restores cells thanks to photo-stimulation. At Bulmedica / Buldental, specialists will learn more about successful oxygen therapy with the CellFood products by a world's leading provider of health-care cosmetic products based on Nu science corp oxygen. The full range of Oxygen Nutrition and Skin Care products are a strong trump card in the fight against 21st century diseases. A variety of vitamins and supplements will expand patients' choices. For the first time in Bulgaria we will see products with hemp extract with a high concentration of cannabidiol from the company Deep Nature Project GmbH. Consultants will familiarize professionals with a wide range of natural products for health recovery.

Precision to the smallest detail

Modern equipment and materials facilitate physicians' work and allow high-class precision. The electro-mechanical non-contact tonometer Diaton measures eye pressure, a 100% professional instrument with built-in electronic chips and fine mechanics. It is used everywhere in the world. Diaton tonometer is a diagnostic equipment showing 95% limits of agreement between the measurements made with Goldman tonometer. One measurement is carried out for ~ 10 seconds per eye. Diaton Tonometer is portable and convenient for storage, does not require sterilization.

A large number of medical activities require extremely high accuracy. Often the limit between success and failure is only a matter of millimeter. The magnifying optical systems of world brands such as ZEISS help to perform precise work with greater ease.

The Nocospray disinfection system is effective against the most dangerous pathogens. It achieves even air disinfection and all surfaces - the appliance turns the disinfectant into gas and creates an artificial flow in the premises.

In new style and design

Medicine is changing its clothing and furnishings. That's why new lines and unique cuts will change the appearance of the specialist in a white apron. Individual model mats (with computer modeling and foot scanning with a 3D scanner) are tailored to the needs of the patient and solve a particular medical problem. The design of hospitals is changing with a wide range of metal wardrobes and cabinets that create stability and convenience.

For our first steps in operating theaters, dental clinics, cosmetic studios, we will be assisted by professional automatic shoe cover dispensers.

Five vouchers BGN 2000 each

"We continue the annual tradition of awarding five vouchers BGN 2000 each," the organizers announced. After completing a special questionnaire, any specialist who visited the exhibition may be among the winners. Winners will be able to use vouchers to buy equipment and supplies from Bulmedica / Buldental exhibitors.

All new products and technologies from Bulmedica / Buldental are designed to improve the medical practice and are in the name of the patient.

You can learn more info about the news and the program of Bulmedica / Buldental at www.bulmedica.bg