Aesthetic Medicine - A New Highlight of Bulmedica/Buldental 2018 Exhibition


At Inter Expo Center the experts will find equipment to furnish their offices

From 16th to 18th May the specialized international exhibition Bulmedica / Buldental 2018 will present a new, different highlight on the development of new technologies in aesthetic medicine. This year's medical practice will be enriched with new systems and technologies in imaging, physiotherapy, aesthetic medicine, and alternative treatment methods.

Alternative health therapies and technologies complement traditional medicine.The novelties in aesthetic medicine are developing the sector in dramatic proportions. This rejuvenates the iamge of the leading exhibition that has more than 50 years of history. The halls of Inter Expo Center become a kind of a palette of established and new practices, a platform of successful products and new trends, a meeting center of professionals brought together in one place. Experts will find around 250 innovations from 22 countries: Bulgaria, Germany, France, Sweden, China, South Korea, Switzerland, Israel, Slovakia, USA, Slovenia, Italy, Holland, Australia, Canada, Japan, Belgium. More than 200 direct exhibitors will participate in Bulmedica / Buldental, 55 of which are newly registered.

Enter the Era of Antiaging

Progress in aesthetic medicine increases the businesses interest to present their latest products to its clients and partners. The exhibition features brands that represent modern technologies in aesthetic medicine. The high-tech, integrated, permanent laser epilation system by the Japanese manufacturer Fotora achieves the safest and largest laser epilation so far. Cryopen innovation is a brilliant device for treating all skin defects quickly and effectively without damaging healthy tissue. The latest rejuvenation solutions are coming to the exhibition. Innovative anti-aging strategies and new concepts provide better results and shorter recovery after laser, PRP, and other therapies. A new era in the beautification and rejuvenation industry will enter Bulgaria for a longer period.

Therapies with light and oxygen

Unique device relieves pain thanks to photo-stimulation. It uses low-light therapy, the potential for photostimulation for faster cell recovery. Relieves pain, reduces inflammation, accelerates healing, and treats many conditions as part of daily health care. Bulmedica / Buldental will introduce the BIOPTRON Light Therapy System, which strengthens the immune system and stimulates the regenerative processes throughout the body, even relieving the pain. BIOPTRON is a medical device with a specific optical block that emits light, similar to a portion of the electromagnetic spectrum naturally emitted by the sun but without ultraviolet radiation. Experts will learn more about successful oxygen therapy with the CellFood products, the world's leading US manufacturer of health care cosmetics based on Nu Science corp oxygen.

The full range of Oxygen Nutrition and Skin Care products has been developed to optimize physical health, improve physical activity and rejuvenate dermal vitality. Oxygen based products and a nutritional supplement containing traces of minerals, enzymes and amino acids are a powerful antioxidant, reduce free radicals by 27%, help detoxify the body and balance the pH. And free radicals are identified by scientists as the root cause of many of the worst diseases (including cancer).

In the name of health

At the exhibition we will see how the first Bulgarian electrotherapy apparatus with low and medium frequency currents works with the possibility of adding different modules for combined physiotherapy (ultrasound, magnet, vacuum, laser). Mobile ultrasound for physiotherapy at 1 and 3 MHz by the German company ZIMMER is of outstanding quality, making it a preferred product.

A variety of vitamins and supplements will expand patients' choices. For the first time in Bulgaria we will see products with hemp extract with a high concentration of cannabidiol from the company Deep Nature Project GmbH. Experts also recommend it for epilepsy, neuroprotection, neurodegenerative diseases, cerebral and myocardial ischemia, for controlling inflammation and pain; psoriasis, diabetes, etc.

Consultations for health

During Bulmedica / Bulldental, the National Patient Organization will conduct free screening for the prevention of diabetes, hepatitis C, thyroid disease. The Bulgarian Society of Patients with Pulmonary Hypertension will perform examinations that will measure saturation of oxygen in arterial blood with a pulse oximeter.

All new products and technologies at Bulmedica / Buldental are designed to improve medical practice and are in the name of a patient