The magic of 3D technology

Магията на 3D–технологиите - на Булмедика Булдентал

"There is a transformation of analog technology towards digitalization" as explicitly commented the experts during Bulmedica/Buldental 2017. According to the participants, having a printer, software and a scanner is a must for any modern laboratory. This is why the introduction of 3D printers specializing in the different spheres of medicine was the focus of last year's exhibition. Among the advantages of this technology are time-saving and the production of a qualitative product tailored to the anatomy of the patient when elaborating dentures. Precision 3D scanning allows you to create a detailed model, allowing the 3D printing machine to make a product tailored to the individual patient's parameters.

In the field of dentistry, visitors to Bulmedica/Buldental have become acquainted with 3D technologies allowing the elaboration of a jaw model and temporary crowns after scanning the jaw with an intraoral scanner. Everything needed can be tailored to individual patient specifics, and the materials with which 3D printers produce different elements become more and more diverse.