Водещи компании в сферата на медицината и здравето са партньори на изложение БУЛМЕДИКА/БУЛДЕНТАЛ/ДЕРМА & ЕСТЕТИКА 2023
Скринингови изследвания за диабет се провеждат на изложение БУЛМЕДИКА / БУЛДЕНТАЛ / ДЕРМА & EСТЕТИКА
Кои събития фокусират медицинските, денталните и дерматологичните специалисти от 31 май до 2 юни?

It’s October – let’s take care of our health

The starting point gives us the accompanying program of a specialized exhibition from 7 to 9 October

October is usually the month in which we remember to take care of our health and take steps to prevent it. In the context of COVID-19, the issue is more relevant than ever. And logically, prevention will be the center of discussion in many upcoming events for the health sector in early October. They will be part of the accompanying program of the specialized exhibition BULMEDICA / BULDENTAL / DERMA & AESTHETICS in Inter Expo Center from 7 to 9 October.

“Don’t delay your treatment” is the title under which a live event will be held on October 8, in which iconic Bulgarian medics will present their views on the diseases during the pandemic period. “Do not delay your treatment” is organized by the largest health platform in Bulgaria CredoWeb, in partnership with the Bulgarian Medical Union and Inter Expo Center. “All necessary health measures provided by the authorities in the situation with COVID-19 will be taken,” commented the organizers of the exhibition. It is an interesting fact that it is with the forum dedicated to medicine and the dental sector that the exhibition industry in Bulgaria for 2020 will be restarted.

The doctor and his mission

Specialists in Cardiology, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Dermatology, Urology, Pulmonology, Obstetrics and Gynecology will gather in a special seminar hall. Experts will talk about how fear, stress and complicated communication with hospitals have affected cardiovascular disease, why diabetics are more at risk and what measures to take, changes in urological pathology and skin diseases in recent months. A special place will be given to expectant mothers. The main emphasis is on dentistry.

Among the lecturers will be leading names, among whom: Prof. Ivo Petrov (Cardiology), Dr. Alexander Simidchiev (Pulmonology), Acad. Prof. Ivona Daskalova (Endocrinology), Prof. Borislav Vladimirov (Gastroenterology), Dr. Emira Pavlova (Dermatology), Prof. Tanya Timeva (AH and Reproductive Medicine), Dr. Zhivko Siromahov (Urology). The Dental Guild will be represented by Dr. Nikolay Sharkov, President of the Bulgarian Dental Association. The lecturers will focus on the doctor’s mission and the support he provides to the patient in critical moments.

Prevention of diabetes and life-saving devices

Traveling by plane, you may have noticed that most airports in the world have compact boxes in orange or green in certain places. In fact, these are external automatic defibrillators. Devices that can save lives will be demonstrated live by the Bulgarian Red Cross. We will understand how the device works and how to use it.

Diabetes prevention will also be on the agenda. The National Diabetes Association will present an online and offline program with self-help groups “Lose Weight Boldly”. A team of endocrinologists and psychologists Dr. Zlatina Runkova, Dr. Angelina Mihailova, Emo Krumov and Daniel Troev will work with them. Iva Lazarova will present the practice “Health through dance”.

For the first time in Bulgaria, blood sugar sensors will be presented. Glucometers with telemedicine will be demonstrated, and the association promises to install their applications and show how to send empirical and analyzed data to the doctor over the phone. Anyone will be able to measure their blood sugar level, blood pressure, and risk of atrial fibrillation.

The intensive course of endodontic treatment in four levels is aimed at professionals. On October 8, attendees will be immersed in the topic of non-surgical treatment of root canals. Leaders of the practical demonstration part will be Dr. Anatoli Atanasov and Dr. Milen Dimitrov. October 9 is assigned to the three-dimensional obstruction of root canals.

In parallel with everything so far, in the halls of Inter Expo Center we will be able to attend many company presentations and demonstrations. Megamed will present devices that guarantee hygiene in healthcare facilities. Among the innovative offers are machines for putting on socks with heat-shrinkable foil and consumables for sterilization. Vibro Fit will make us witness devices for vibro fitness and therapy.

As part of the BULMEDICA / BULDENTAL / DERMA & AESTHETICS exhibition, the accompanying events will be held in accordance with all the necessary health measures provided by the authorities, the organizers commented. The exhibition is the first to take advantage of the new platform of Inter Expo Center for large-scale events. What else awaits us, we can find on bulmedica.bg.