Detoxification of the body with liquid extract of selected olive leaves

A few days separate us from the moment we meet OLIFE. The product will present us DENTASVET.

OLIFE is a patented liquid extract of selected olive leaves. Contains 97% olive leaf extract, 3% calendula extract and is stabilized with lemon juice. In the content we find 93% OLIVUM - a patented formula with phytotherapeutic properties - rich in polyphenols.

The product retains the five strongest natural antioxidants - oleuropein, hydroxytyrosol, rutin, oleic acid (Omega 9) and tyrosol. Detoxifies the body, balances the gastrointestinal flora, relaxes the nervous system and regenerates cells in the body. 70 ml OLIFE is equal to the beneficial effect of 2 liters of olive oil.

The liquid extract DENTASVET will present us in hall 3, stand B6.