SPLAT total care toothpastes for the entire family

BIOMED Total care toothpastes for the entire family. Safe and natural. Free from calcium carbonate (chalk), which can damage the enamel. 98%+ Natural.

Comes in 4 variants, meeting different oral care needs:

- Biomed Superwhite Toothpaste with Coconut

- Biomed Sensitive Toothpaste

- Biomed Propoline Toothpaste

- Biomed Biocomplex Toothpaste



NATURAL toothpaste for children from 6 to 11 years

98% natural and safe children's toothpaste effective protection against dental caries, intensive strengthening enamel, gum care.

Does not contain: fluoride, parabens, SLES (sodium lauryl ether sulphates), petrochemical products.

Comes in 2 tastes: Bubble Gum and Berry Cocktail.

SPLAT toothbrushes for kids Antibacterial toothbrushes with silver ions

Safe and comfortable toothbrush for children from 1 year and up.  Special bristle form makes tooth cleaning effective and convinient.

All brushes have  soft bristle, in accordance with the recommendations of dentists and gently cleans the plaque from the teeth, without damaging the sensitive childnre enamel.