Little Doctor International present Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

LD51A Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor. Big Display, Enlarged Cuff , Date and Time Indicator. A convenient and compact automatic digital blood pressure monitor with irregular pulse indicator and blood pressure classifi cation scale.

The device be suppliedby a power adapter (included). Fuzzy algorithm takes into account the individual heartbeat peculiarities. Two memory units with 90 cells each (pressure, pulse, date and time) + average value for the last 3 measurements.

LD-91 Professional Sphygmomanometer with Shock resistance. A combined-type sphygmomanometer.

Manometer with a big and easy-toread dial. Metal phonendoscope included. A needle air valve allows smooth adjusting of the bleeding speed. The device is supplied with a nylon 25-36 cm cuff with a metal fi xing ring. The cuff has special size marks. A nylon bag with a textile clasp for everyday storage and handling of the device.

LD-207U Ultrasonic Nebulizer with mesh-technology aerosol producing.

Mesh nebulizer LD-207U for adultsand children. Silent operation and design features allow to make inhalation even during children sleep. The model is supplied with two inhalation masks (for adults and for children) and two mouthpieces. Use a wide range of medicines, including antibiotics, antiseptics, hormonal agents and mineral water.

During inhalation you can tilt the appliance of 45° from the vertical axis.