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Кои събития фокусират медицинските, денталните и дерматологичните специалисти от 31 май до 2 юни?

Mododent with universal enamel for frontal restorations

ENA Matrix The new matrix system by Micerium. Matrices, easier to use than traditional ones, and more precise than sectional analogues. Nickel-titanium alloy rings guarantee long-lasting results and precise contacts. Exceptional elasticity and durability. Anatomical matrices with vertical curvature and marginal edges designed to reduce polishing time and finishing procedures. The wedges can also be anatomically adapted to the interproximal area and allow tight gingival attachment to both the vestibular and lingual sides. Their special shape does not stress the papilla and prevents wedges from coming off during work.

Enamel plus HRi Function Functional enamel, three colors: EF1 low value, EF2 average value, EF3 high value. Composite system for restoration of function in distal teeth by micro invasive method, adapted to the neuro-muscular system in combination with excellent aesthetic integration. Functional enamels have an abrasion-resistance ratio close to that of natural enamel. Ideal for distal stretches, both for direct and indirect technique and for complete prosthetic rehabilitation. Enamel Plus HRi Function is the only distal teeth enamel with mechanical and functional characteristics identical to gold and close to natural enamel.

Enamel plus HRi Universal Enamel Universal enamel for frontal restorations. Three levels of value: low (UE1) for adult patients, medium (UE2) for middle-aged patients, high (UE3) patients for young patients and children. Provides invisible limits of recoveries, no “glass effect” is observed, reducing the value of restorations.

The products of Mododent can be found in Hall 2 / Booth B8.