8000 Burgas, 5 Saedinenie str. office 6 A


„Raymed 09” Ltd. specializes in supply and maintenance of diagnostic equipment – Noninvasive Ultrasound System for Removal of Tumors, MRI, CT scanners, X-Ray systems, CR systems, Bone Densitometry, Dental X-Ray Systems, X-ray protective equipment, etc.

In our team are working highly qualified engineers, specialized in this type of service.

„Raymed 09” Ltd. implement and maintain a quality management system, covering the following activities – import, sale, service and equipment for hospital and outpatient care, which is assessed as meeting the requirements of Standart ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2016 for the following field of activity: Factory update of: CT and Angiographs.


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