Bulgaria 19, Georgi Benkovski Str.; 1000 Sofia

+359 2 9835228; +359 2 9832567; +359 2 9832402

GLORIA INTERNATIONAL Ltd. was established in 1991 in Sofia.

The primary activities of the company are import and distribution of dental, sanitation and hygiene products, pharmaceuticals  and food supplements,.

We rely on over 40 highly qualified and experienced specialists – pharmacists, managers, market analyzers and experts, IT engineers, attorneys.

The company has created a wide net of distributors around the country. Our partners are dentists, pharmacies, distributors, as well as local and international companies.

The company is constantly working on establishing permanent business relations.

Represented companies:

3M Health Care = Solventum – USA

Edenta – Switzerland

Dentatus – Sweden

Parmax – Sweden

MA Dental – Denmark

Qween Dental – Germany

Medi Stock – France

Medicom – Germany

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