1407 Sofia, block 122, James Bourcher Blvd.


BULGARIAN ORTHODONTIC ALIGNER SOCIETY (BOAS), a non-profit organization, which unites and promotes the clinical and scientific interest in the field of orthodontic treatment with an emphasis on treatment with aligners.


Our main goals are:


  • to provide up-to-date information on orthodontic aligner therapy;
  • to support the development of the expertise, skills, theory and practice of orthodontists and dentists with an emphasis on aligner therapy;
  • to encourage the achievements and scientific research in the field of orthodontic treatment with aligners;
  • to promote the highest standards in orthodontic treatment with aligners;
  • to protect the interests of the members of the society, supporting their training, practice and performances


The Membership in the association provides:
· Certificate of membership in the Bulgarian Orthodontic Aligner Society, valid for
the relevant calendar year
· Participation in the events of the Bulgarian Orthodontic Aligner Society on a preferential basis
· Use of the logo of the Bulgarian Orthodontic Aligner Society in marketing
materials of your practice
· Providing up-to-date information in the field of digital and aligner
· Establishing and maintaining contacts with Bulgarian and international organizations and
commercial companies recognizing the activity of the association.
A request for membership is made after filling out an application on the website of Bulgarian Orthodontic Aligner Society: www.boasbg.org

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