Bulgaria Sofia 1612, 72, Ami Bue Str.
C 7a

Diabetes, prediabetes and metabolic syndrom  is a non-profite organisation with activities in healthy lifestyle, educational, youth, environmental and social activities. The objectives  are:

  1. to help people with diabetes, to arrange trainings about healty lifestyle and modern methods of treatment and prevention of diabetes
  2. to arrange screenings for diabetes, to prevent people that are in high risk of diabetes and metabolic syndrome to become diabetics and to improve knowledge on
  • to promote active and responsible citizenship among people, especially young people
  • to promote volunteering in health care field
  1. to decrease risk of social exclusion and discrimination for young people with fewer opportunities 

Our target groups:

  • people with diabetes and prediabetes
  • young people at risk of social exclusion
  • youth with diseases, other vulnerable groups youth
  • volunteers, young people

Our recent activities:

  • health information campaigns, advocacy campaigns, fundraising campaigns;
  • events with non-formal educational methods, improvisational theater for teens and youngsters with diabetes
  • taking part in competition for ideas of social enterprises of UniCredit Foundation, finishing in Top 10 from 139 NGOs
  • events for promoting of volunteering in Sofia with 25 NGOs and 130 volunteers
  • simultaneously event about healthy lifestyle and diabetes in 20 towns in Bulgaria with 1000 volunteers young people and diabetics
  • seminars and on-line educations about healthy lifestyle, patients rights, etc.
  • sport programs, workshops about role of the physical activity 
  • information meetings about volunteering and youth programs in several high schools in Sofia
  • Youth exchanges and youth workers trainings in Austria, Poland, Turkey, Italy, Slovenia, Romania, Hungary, France, Germany
  • trainings for support persons of diabetics
  • The Parad of volunteering
  • help-team for young people that are just diagnosed with diabetes
  • psychological help for diabetics and parents of kids with diabetes
  • seminars and meetings about life of disadvantaged youth
  • activities about obesity, taking part in European congress of obesity
  • BOOST award of Time Heroes


02 / 953 05 23, 02/ 953 07 97, 0896 746 823, 0886 39 35 61