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Foundation of the BPhU

On the 10th of February 2007; in the city of Sofia took place a Founding congress of the professional organization of the Master pharmacist in Bulgaria. At this congress was founded Bulgarian pharmaceutical union (BPhU).

BPhU is the only legally presented professional organization, which unites all Master pharmacist in Bulgaria. The membership in (BPhU) is a necessary and mandatory condition for practicing the profession as Master pharmacist. At the moment BPhU has more than 5000 members.

Main tasks for the board of BPhUare :

To create a strong professional organization, that brings together all pharmacists in Bulgaria.

Protect the professional rights and interests of its members and regulate the relationships, between members and also with various institutions and organizations;

Introduce a new system to increase the skill level of Master pharmacists from across the country;

 Annually organizing “Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Days” etc…

BPhU interaction with other structures at national and European level:

BPhU is a full and equal member of the Pharmaceutical Group of the European Union (PGEU) since 2007. Since 2013 is represented on the Executive Committee of the organization. BPhU took part in the formation of EURHeCA, and so it became a full member and is represented on its governing bodies.