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The first issue of "Quo Vadis" dates from 2000. The newspaper is full color, A3 size. It is a monthly edition. “Quo Vadis” is a successor of another newspaper, called “Chronicles” with a hundred years of history. It is distributed by subscription or it can be bought on the newsstands. “Qvo Vadis” readers are mostly the Bulgarian Mediacal Association members. The distribution is done partly by Regional Organizations – part of BMA, by Bulgarian Post Office and private companies. 

The journalists, working for “Quo Vadis”, treat all the current problems related to the healthcare system in Bulgaria. They write very serious analytical materials and interviews. “Quo Vadis” also offers to its readers very interesting and unique articles about the history of the healthcare system in Bulgaria. The newspaper is a good way the voice of all the Bulgarian doctors to be heard.


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