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MD Magazine reflects the innovations in all fields of medicine. The main sources of information of its editors’ team are the “bibles” of the specialised medical literature – the magazines Lancet, New England Journal of Medicine, Journal of American Medical Association, British Medical Journal, which reflect the newest scientific researches in clinical practice of the separate medical profiles.

MD is issued 6 times in the year with 8000 pcs in circulation of which 2,800 are personal paid subscriptions. MD is circulated during medical congresses, conferences and other specialised events.

MD Magazine subscribers are readers are from all medical fields: cardiologists, endocrinologists, gastroenterologists, rheumatologists and pulmonary specialists declare the strongest interest to the magazine. The other large group includes paediatricians and general practitioners followed by surgeons and obstetricians.

The magazine is circulated to 140 medical companies in Bulgaria, state organisations and to almost all hospitals in the country.

In addition to MD, Protos Agency publishes the specialised magazines Doctor D (diabetes and metabolic cardiology) and Cardio D (cardiology). Club D newspaper published by Protos Agency is dedicated to diabetics, their families and the health professionals who take care of them.

The magazines’ website has an unique archive of over 6,000 articles.


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