Bulgaria 148, Slivnitsa Blvd.; 1303 Sofia
D 15a

The Association of Students Explorers (ASE) is a NGO created in the name of materializing the idea of an initiative group of medical students, led by their impulse to imbue uniqueness and thought in Science. We define our idea as a personal cause – to constantly innovate, enrich and rationalize Science. Following this path, we aim to perfect and extend the professional, scientific and practical skills of other medical students. The instruments we will use to bring the current reality a step closer to our vision are a wide variety of different forms of communications between the student and the teacher, as well a distinct approach to Science. The crown jewel of our actions is to empower and promote the connection between the two fractions of the university life – the students and their tutors. We create platforms on which medical students would be able to manifest their skills and extracurricular work. We organize a dynamic and vivid circle activity in all of the medical specialties. We put together scientific forums and conferences alongside the Students Council of Medical University of Sofia, because we believe that the close cooperation between student organizations leads to meaningful results and is in favor of all students. Inspired by the idea to touch Science in its purest form, our members dedicate all their efforts to shed light upon the latest scientific discoveries in the medical society. 

All of this is possible thanks to the commitment that is International Biomedical Congress of Sofia (IBC-Sofia) that we so proudly put together for a second year. This year, IBCS 2017 will be hosted by one of the most advanced technological and scientific estates in Bulgaria – Sofia Tech Park, and will last through 16-19 November.


0896 651 191; 02/ 952 0539