Водещи компании в сферата на медицината и здравето са партньори на изложение БУЛМЕДИКА/БУЛДЕНТАЛ/ДЕРМА & ЕСТЕТИКА 2023
Скринингови изследвания за диабет се провеждат на изложение БУЛМЕДИКА / БУЛДЕНТАЛ / ДЕРМА & EСТЕТИКА
Кои събития фокусират медицинските, денталните и дерматологичните специалисти от 31 май до 2 юни?

Treatment should not be delayed

A specialized event focuses on health in the context of COVID-19

How to take the best care of your health in the conditions of COVID-19? What is the dynamics of the disease? These and many more questions will be answered by leading medics during the “Do not delay your treatment” event.

Organized by the largest health platform in Bulgaria CredoWeb, in partnership with the Bulgarian Medical Union, it is part of the accompanying program of BULMEDICA/BULDENTAL/DERMA & AESTHETICS 2020, which starts at Inter Expo Center on October 7 and will last until Friday. 9th. For the business forum, the organizers have taken into account all the requirements of the state health authorities.

Professionals advise

From 14.00 to 16.00 in the special Seminar Hall will gather specialists in Cardiology, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Dermatology, Urology, Pulmonology, OA and in vitro. Among them we find the names of Prof. Ivo Petrov, Acad. Ivona Daskalova, Prof. Borislav Vladimirov, Prof. Tanya Timeva, Dr. Alexander Simidchiev, Dr. Elmira Pavlova and Dr. Zhivko Siromahov, Dr. Tihomir Mustakov. The dentists will be represented by Dr. Biser Botev, Chairman of the Sofia Regional Board of the Bulgarian Dental Association. They will tell how fear, stress and complicated communication with medical institutions have affected cardiovascular disease, why diabetics are more at risk and what measures to take, how urological pathology has changed, skin diseases in recent months.

Based on established practice, visitors will understand how the coronavirus alters lung function.

Expectant mothers

The event pays special attention to expectant mothers – women who are planning a pregnancy and women considering assisted reproduction and pregnant. Attendees will hear how to most successfully reach the happy moment of motherhood without the coronavirus embarrassing or threatening them.

Those wishing to attend the “Do not delay your treatment” event must register on the CredoWeb platform.

The events

During all the days of its holding, the exhibition BULMEDICA / BULDENTAL / DERMA & AESTHETICS gives us the opportunity to touch the innovations medicine, dentistry and the dermatology sector. Many of them we can see live – thanks to the demonstrations of the participants. For example, during the company events on Thursday, October 8, Medicopharm Health and Beauty presents the Lips Menu, and on Friday, October 9, Dr. Anatoli Atanasov will share his knowledge in the field of three-dimensional root canal obstruction.

You can get acquainted with the full accompanying program of BULMEDICA / BULDENTAL / DERMA & AESTHETICS at bulmedica.bg.