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INVISALIGN clear aligners and iTero intraoral scanners are dedicated to transforming lives by improving the journey to a healthy, beautiful smile.

Our goal is to become an indispensable partner to dental professionals worldwide, by helping them achieving the clinical results they expect and deliver effective, cutting-edge dental options to their patients.

 The Invisalign system is offered in more than 90 countries worldwide by Invisalign-trained doctors to their adult and teenage patients. The experience and know-how we have developed includes a wealth of information about individual tooth movements and all types of malocclusions, and about what moves teeth predictably and what doesn't. This information is a tremendous resource that gives rise to new insights, new treatment planning ideas, feature sets, software protocols, and more. No other single individual or company can harness digital treatment data on this scale. Our depth of experience aids and accelerates our technology innovation everyday.

 The iTero Intraoral scanner is an open architecture system that allows for compatibility with multiple laboratory-based CAD/CAM milling systems and over 3,000 dental labs. The iTero Intraoral scanner provides a dental "chair-side" platform for accessing valuable digital diagnosis and treatment tools, with potential for enhancing accuracy of records, treatment efficiency, and the overall patient experience. The combination enables us to bring innovative new Invisalign treatment tools to customers and extended the value of intraoral scanning in dental practices. The digitized workflow of the iTero Intraoral scanner affords customers a great deal of flexibility. Whether it’s a crown or bridge restoration, full or partial orthodontics (including Invisalign treatment), an inlay/onlay, veneers or a validated implant solution, customers can select the digital workflow option that best fits their needs for each individual case within their practice.


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