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Geistlich Fibro-Gide – an alternative for soft tissue regeneration in dentistry

Romi Dent will present Geistlich Fibro-Gide – The alternative to connective tissue grafts by Geistlich, Switzerland.

Geistlich Fibro-Gide® is a porcine, porous, resorbable and volume-stable collagen matrix, specifically designed for soft-tissue regeneration.
Geistlich Fibro-Gide® was developed as an alternative in the treatment of connective tissue grafts, which are considered as the gold standard in regenerative soft-tissue procedures. The matrix is designed for soft tissue regeneration of the alveolar ridge around natural teeth and implants where soft tissue thickness is of clinical importance.
No changes in thickness thanks to the pre-set volume.
Ready for use, secure adhesion to tissue.
No secondary surgical interventions, reduces patient morbidity and saves time for the operator.
Available in sizes 20х40х6 mm and 15х20х6 mm.

As part of the rich accompanying programme at Bulmedica/Buldental, on 17 May, 11 a.m., in Hall Musala at Inter Expo Center, Romi Dent organizes lectures on the topic “Direct adhesive restoration – gold standards” and “Cementing indirect restorations and fiberglass pins. Intraoral repairs” with lecturer Prof. Dr. Neshka Manchorva, MD. The lecture will present the latest innovations and hi-tech solutions in adhesion worldwide. The audience will learn about the gold standards and adhesive strategies for direct restoration in fractures and caries damages both in the chewing teeth and the smile region. Indications and different protocols for total and selective etching, as well as self-etching will be presented. Participants will learn practical tricks for constructing an “invisible” filling through single-shade (single-colour composite and translucency) and multi-shade techniques (composite in more than one colour and translucency). A direct adhesive approach for caries treatment in patients with extreme chewing pressure (parafunctions, bruxism) will be put forward. Strategies for eliminating tooth hypersensitivity in exposed necks and roots will be discussed.
The lecture will also present leading adhesive strategies for cementing indirect restorations from different materials – laboratory composite, lithium-dicilicate ceramics, zirconium ceramics, precious and base metals, metal-ceramic, used in indirect obturations, prosthetic constructions and veneers. Participants will learn about the protocol for cementing metal-free (fiberglass) pins in restoration of endodontically treated teeth. Algorithms for intraoral repair of direct and indirect fillings, veneers and crowns from all classes of clinical and laboratory materials will be provided.

Do not miss out on the latest from the world of adhesion, presented by Romi Dent. All company products await you in Hall 2, stand C2.