Водещи компании в сферата на медицината и здравето са партньори на изложение БУЛМЕДИКА/БУЛДЕНТАЛ/ДЕРМА & ЕСТЕТИКА 2023
Скринингови изследвания за диабет се провеждат на изложение БУЛМЕДИКА / БУЛДЕНТАЛ / ДЕРМА & EСТЕТИКА
Кои събития фокусират медицинските, денталните и дерматологичните специалисти от 31 май до 2 юни?

Dental products by DENTASWISS

DENTASWISS is a representative for Bulgaria of numerous foreign dental products. Including those, such as Sanctuary dental, Eurodent, Dentalmatic, ECS S.R.L, Omnia S.p.A, SCI Can, MICRO MEGA, ACTEON SATELEC, PIERRE ROLLAND and SOPRO. The company is also an official distributor for Bulgaria of the French implant systems EUROTEKNIKA.

At its booth, the company will offer dental dam Sanctuary Dental Dam – a product by Sanctuary. They are designed to be resilient, highly elastic, allowing to be easily fixed to the clamps. It is a dust free and low protein latex rubber dam, which makes it an excellent choice for professional use.

Plant proteins in natural rubber may cause irritation and allergies, which leads to negative and unwanted reactions. A major benefit of the dust-free and low protein latex in Sanctuary Dental Dam is that they have drastically reduced, by reducing the levels of the protein and removal of particulate debris from natural rubber products during production; thus, these products are safer and more affordable.

Mouthwash with natural Tea Tree Oil

Visitors will be introduced to the new Tebodont-F Mouthwash with natural tea tree oil. Created by WILD Switzerland, it is a combined care for oral hygiene – a natural product with powerful effect, it is an alternative to chlorhexidine-containing products. Tebodont-F Mouthwash is designed for use in periodontitis, inflammation, bacterial plaque, caries prevention, postoperative care and maintenance of implants and prosthetic structures.

DENTASWISS products can be found in Hall 2, booth B9.