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The oxygen therapy that works – with Cellfood®

The Cellfood® oxygen series of the leading American company NuScience Corporation, presented by Biodoctor EOOD.

The Cellfood® oxygen series has been awarded the Prize of the Inventors Club – Atlanta, USA.

Since its foundation in 1969, NuScience corp. has been recognized as a leading developer worldwide of high quality oxygen-based health and beauty products. The complete range of integrated products Cеllfood for oxygen nutrition and skincare are designed to optimize physical health, enhance physical performance and rejuvenate dermal vitality.

Cellfood is among the world best-selling products based on oxygen and nutrient, containing traces of minerals, enzymes and amino acids.

Cellfood is a free radical suppressant (powerful antioxidant). Free radicals are atoms (or groups of atoms) which lack an electron. These highly reactive molecules become even more dangerous in the human body when they react and damage other important cell components like DNA. Antioxidants are directly responsible for preventing cell damage by neutralizing and eliminating free radicals. In a recent study, Cеllfood has demonstrated that it reduces the surplus of free radicals by up to 27%. Cellfood helps detoxify the body and balance pH.

The product neutralizes dangerous free radicals and creates targeted stable oxygen on site only in the cells damaged by their impact. Free radicals are defined by scientists as the leading cause of a number of serious diseases (including cancer). Increasing the oxygen partial pressure in the cell is extremely important for blocking tumour processes.

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