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Bulgarian Red Cross (BRC) is a voluntary organization, which is part of the International Red Cross movement and is guided by its basic principles: neutrality, humanity, impartiality, independence, voluntariness, unity and universality.

Through its network of 18 000 volunteers across the country, BRC supports vulnerable people in emergency and crisis situations.

Through training programmes and activities for the benefit of society, it contributes towards the alleviation and prevention of suffering in all its forms, protects life and health and ensures respect for the human person.

BRC has 28 regional organizations, 268 municipal organizations and 2 850 organizations with 153 203 members.

The main activities of the organization are:

  1. Social and Healthcare:
  • Food and humanitarian programmes
  • Public social patronage
  • Social and day centres
  • Home Care Programme
  • Training, licensed by the National Agency for Vocational Education and Training
  • Unpaid blood donation
  • First aid
  • Health promotion
  1. Disaster Management (DM)
  2. Mountain Rescue Service (MRS)
  3. Water Life Saving Service (WLSS)
  4. International Cooperation (IC)
  5. Refugee Migrants Service (RMS)
  6. Logistics and Support
  7. Bulgarian Red Cross Youth (BRCY)

 Humanitarian causes:

  • Care Partners Network - Hot Meal Programme
  • National Fund for Supporting Children-Victims of Traffic Accidents
  • Fund for Supporting Victims of Disasters and Crises
  • Fund for Development of the Artistic Talents of Children with Disabilities
  • Charity Fund
  • Home Care and Assistance Services towards Independent and Dignified Life Project
  • The BRC Protected Home “The Colorful House”
  • Donate ! Join! Become a lifeguard ! Everyone can help and support BRC Water Life Saving Service  in its efforts to reduce water accidents .


+359 (2) 81 64 700
+359 (2) 81 64 611