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SCANNER 3D and MILLING MACHINE from Cfd Evolution

SCANNER 3D- HIGH EVOLUTION PLUS The scanner 3D CFD is a sophisticated 3D optical scanner to acquire non-contact three-dimensional shapes.

The technology of active stereo vision is using structured light pattern projected on the surface of interest and acquisitions through two cameras, this particular system allows it to be more precise on the undercut parts. Advanced image processing logarithms recover depth’s surface acquired information, ensuring high performance, flexibility and speed of execution. Fully automated scanning stage with the aid of a rotating and oscillating platform, which allows to acquire different views of the object. The system is totally open and configurable with the most common CAD/CAM systems, and can receive all file formats from all end-oral scanners. Technical data: Weight: 14 kg; Power supply: 220 V,; 100

W absorption ; File: STL, OBJ, ASC, PLY, OFF; Accuracy: 0.01 micron; Repeatability scanning: 99%; Size: 25cm- 25cm-40cm ; Light source: Blue LED 460nm- stripe pattern 0.2 mm; Axis: 5; 2 fast USB communication ports Number of cameras: 2; Automatic resolution of the cameras: 6.3 Megapixels; Maximum size of object to be scanned


Innovative 5-axis milling machine with automatic keyboard`s and tool`s change, with a spindle that is able to work on any type of material (from zirconia to titanium), with air, water or oil cooling. The maximum profitability of the machine is guaranteed by the aspirator integrated and by the ionization system, which together provide the best cleaning of the machine through the prevention of the accumulation of machining residues. The system is completely open and configurable with popular CAD-CAM systems.

Technical data:Size: 60cm-70cm-60cm; Weight: 300 kg; 5-axis,fast automatic tool`s exchange; Tool`s number: 6

Keyboard`s automatic tools; Double tool control during start and finish work; Spindle: S1-100% -1.5 Kw / S6-60% – 0.24 Kw / Pmax-5s-0.24 / max.60000 rpm; Machining at dry, water, oil; Drillable materials: zirconia, PMMA, peck, resin, wax, fiber, metals-platinum, gold, silver, steel, bronze, copper, titanium

Cleaning machine via integrated aspirator Ionizer CAM management software 5-axis- SUM 3D Dental