Healthy with hemp extract from Dr. Biomaster

CBD (канабидиол) 18 % на фирмата производител Deep Nature Project GmbH, предложен от Др. Биомастер, ще видят посетителите на Булмедика Булдентал 2018

For the first time in Bulgaria - hemp CBD oil concentrate presented by Dr. Biomaster OOD, 18 % CBD (cannabidiol) by manufacturer Deep Nature Project GmbH for visitors of Bulmedica/Buldental 2018.

In 2017 Dr. Biomaster became the founder of something entirely new for Bulgaria. The company legalized CBD-containing products (the substance cannabidiol, or hemp extract) by the Austrian trademark MediHemp. Taken in high concentrations (10 or 18 %), CBD has a positive effect for people with some types of cancer, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer, ALS, multiple sclerosis, psychoses, anxiety and insomnia. Specialists also recommend it for epilepsy, neuroprotection, neurodegenerative diseases, cerebral and myocardial ischemia, control of inflammation and pain; in cases of psoriasis, diabetes, etc.

During the trade fair you can get advice from Dr. Biomaster’s consultants on how to lead a healthier lifestyle; obtain information about a wide range of natural products for health recovery and prevention of various diseases.
Visitors to the stand can also take advantage of special prices of certain products and books:
Discount for all books by Dr. Hulda Clark: -50 % off cover price.
Discount for all other books by Dr. Biomaster publishing house: -30 % off cover price.
Discount for all natural products with the Dr. Biomaster brand: -20 % off their regular price.
From 2003 to this day, Doctor Biomaster is the largest Bulgarian importer and manufacturer of products made from high quality medicinal mushrooms and herbs used for immunity recovery in oncological patients.


Find out more about the company’s products in Hall 1, stand C9.