Combined device with revolutionary methods in dermatology by NOVIZ

Комбиниран апарат BHS 201 DUO на фирмата производител Body Health, Аржентина, от НОВИЗ, ще видят посетителите, в рамките на новата тематика на международното изложение за медицина и дентална медицина БУЛМЕДИКА/БУЛДЕНТАЛ- ДЕРМА&ЕСТЕТИКА. Той включва няколко ключови дейности- HImFU + Dermo Health® + DermoLeds + Микродермабразио с диамантени дискове.

The combined device BHS 201 DUO by the manufacturer Body Health, Argentina, will be presented by NOVIZ to the visitors within the new theme of the international exhibition for medicine and dental medicine BULMEDICA/BULDENTAL – DERMA&AESTHETICS.

It includes several key activities - HImFU + Dermo Health® + DermoLeds + Microdermabrasion with diamond discs. The combined device firstly combines a revolutionary non-invasive liposculpturing method - HImFU - high-intensity focused 2.9 MHz ultrasound. Proven efficiency even after the first procedure. Reduces fat deposits and cellulite. It gives visible and lasting results that can be compared with liposuction without the drawbacks of invasive intervention. 
Secondly, the device includes a time-proven and well-established solution for all stages of cellulite and local fat deposits in the problem areas – Dermo Health – body vacuum therapy combined with Dermoleds. It is a non-invasive method that mobilizes skin tissues and stimulates microcirculation. The benefits of applying it are improvement of the blood circulation, creating lymphatic drainage. It also facilitates toxin disposal and destruction of fat deposits. It also accelerates lipolysis in the deepest layers of the adipose tissue. Thirdly, the apparatus achieves a DERMO HEALTH face lift + DERMOLEDS.

Benefits of applying this therapy:
- At the skin level:
Increased elasticity and tightness of the skin as a result of the better blood supply and supply of nutrients. Restored fresh look of the skin thanks to the rapid removal of dead cells.
- At the subcutaneous level:
Stimulated lymphatic and venous circulation and of the cells responsible for the production of collagen and elastic fibers. The skin's tightness is thus restored and it acquires a fresh and radiant complexion.
- After surgical interventions:
It helps post-surgical drainage in lifting procedures. In combination with ultrasound destroys existing fibroses.
The procedure with Dermoleds® consists in chromatherapy – the positive effect of light emitted by LEDs for the activation of cell receptors, which leads to an increase in collagen production.
Fourthly, the combined device can be used for microdermabrasion with diamond single-use disks.

Thanks to a series of demonstrations, professionals will be able to learn more about the advantages of the BHS 201 DUO combined device at BULMEDICA/BULDENTAL. The company is also preparing a series of demonstrations of all devices that will be exhibited in Hall 1, Stand C11.