Between 21 - 23 May 2014, Inter Expo Center - Sofia will be hosting again BULMEDICA / BULDENTAL- the most prestigious Southeast European exhibition for human and dental medicine.

As a rule of tradition, the international BULMEDICA / BULDENTAL exhibition is organized under the auspices of the Ministry of Health, with the support of professional organizations, such as the Bulgarian Medical Association and the Bulgarian Dental Association. This year marks the beginning of a close cooperation with the Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Union.

The event provides an opportunity to for a meeting place of many health professionals - physicians, dentists, lab technicians, rehabilitation therapists, hospital managers, experts and other specialists from health care sector, to meet producers, retailers and distributors of a wide range of products, technologies and medical practice equipment.

During the exhibition, the traditional participants are going to demonstrate and recommend health workers some high-standard achievements, as their implementation in hospitals and healthcare facilities led to an increase in the quality of Bulgarian medical services. The first-time exhibitors will contribute to the prestigious forum with new exhibits of great benefit to workers in hospitals and centers for outpatient care, diagnostic and consultative centers, medical and dental clinics.

It is expected that this year’s BULMEDICA will again provide exhibition halls as if taking us to the atmosphere of hospitals and clinics equipped with modern medical installations.This will be done with the help of a multitude of exhibits by companies from Bulgaria and a number of other countries.

The range of exhibits is enlarged each year, populated with new models of clinical laboratory and diagnostic devices, equipment, all-purpose and specialized equipment for healthcare facilities, instruments, reagents, consumables and other products for treatment and services in various sectors of human medicine.

It is of utmost importance to our society to pay attention to the cares taken of people with disabilities, to physical therapy and rehabilitation, so during BULMEDICA, in response to this tendency, there will be presentations of a variety of models of devices and facilities for disabled persons, as well as of the people that nurse them.

BULDENTAL grows in fastest pace in the course of the last couple of years. More and more of the leading traditional and newly registered domestic and foreign present their innovative products. The rapid implementation of innovation in the field of dentistry is again a provocation for active involvement of a large number of manufacturers, representatives and distributors of high-end dental installations and equipment, devices, tools, materials and supplies for dentists and dental technicians .

BULMEDICA / BULDENTAL will again attract the professional audience’s attention on issues of present interest for human medicine, dentistry and the national healthcare systems in general.

The side-events program of BULMEDICA / BULDENTAL will provide professional with a number of company presentations, conferences, contests, lectures, seminars, demonstrations of new products and services, as well as practical training in methodology and innovative techniques applied in modern medical and dental practice.


For the fourth consecutive year Dental Tribune Bulgaria newspaper, in cooperation with Bulgarreklama Agency, will issue the Business Guide today, entirely dedicated to BULMEDICA / BULDENTAL, to the new and original exhibits and to the exciting events during the exhibition. today is the official publication of IDS, Cologne, and is licensed by Dental Tribune International.

Time to start planning for your participation!

We look forward to welcoming you at BULMEDICA / BULDENTAL 2014 !

21 to 23 May 2014 ,at Inter Expo Center - Sofia !