For almost half a century the international BULMEDICA / BULDENTAL exhibition shows the best and latest novelties in medicine, as a real encyclopedia. Generations of doctors and dentists meet together at "the exhibition of their own", to exchange knowledge and experience, to make sure how much and how fast innovations enter in medical practice.

Traditionally, the exhibition is organized under the patronage of the Ministry of Health with the support of professional organizations such as the Bulgarian Medical Association (BMA) and the Bulgarian Dental Association (BDA). This year is notable with the start of a close collaboration with the Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Union (BFU). BULMEDICA/BULDENTAL 2014 will demonstrate the new opportunities, the unique achievements and best practices of specialists from the medical community worldwide.

There was more than 170 companies direct exhibitors in the international forum in 2014, as besides Bulgarian companies, there are foreign firms from Germany, Hungary, Russia, Poland, Israel, Pakistan, Slovenia, Romania, Italy, South Korea, Greece, Sweden, Macedonia, China, Turkey.

There was 48 new companies to take part at BULMEDICA / BULDENTAL, of which 19 are foreign.

The International Forum  presented more than 120 new and innovative products and solutions for the medical practice from nearly 30 countries, including Bulgaria, Japan, Italy, Australia, USA, Malaysia, Finland, France, Israel, Germany, Turkey, South Korea, Denmark, the Netherlands, Liechtenstein, Russia, Czech Republic, China, Switzerland, Austria, Pakistan, Taiwan, Greece, Poland, Slovenia.

BULMEDICA always has facilitated greater awareness about the new generations of equipment, devices of the highest class, innovative technologies and software solutions that provide a high standard of medical practice.

Ergonomic equipment (clinical laboratory, surgery rooms, analyzer integrated with the hospital bed, etc.), equipment for monitoring and telemonitoring of important activities, innovative devices for research and analysis, diagnostic systems, systems for maintenance of audio- visual connection for different medical practices and many other solutions demonstrated the possibilities for quality care and efficiency when working with patients.

Reagents for human medicine, supplies, systems for remote assistance of elderly and disabled people, for physiotherapy and rehabilitation, orthopedic products, specialized clothing and many other products and articles extend the picture of exhibits to be shown at BULMEDICA.

Last year at BULDENTAL (dentistry and denture practice) doctors, managers and specialists from clinics and dental laboratories  again made sure about the rapid introduction of novelties in the world of dentistry.

BULDENTAL  presented the latest developments and products in different areas of dentistry - unique laser equipment, systems and apparatus for accurate diagnosis and treatment, a new class of materials for dental practices, equipment and tools for furnishing of modern dental practices and dental laboratories.

Among the exhibits there was a unique laser device and new models of digital cameras - laser centers, sensors, detectors, 3D and panoramic machines, CAD / CAM digital systems for dental market that ensure efficiency and accuracy in the work of the dentist and provide comfort for patients.

Innovation in implantology - new families of implants, successfully applied tools and treatment techniques, based on the opinions of clinicians will demonstrate revolutionary development and success in implant treatment.

Traditionally, there is a rich choice of materials for dentistry and denture technology (composites, photopolymers and photo composite systems, ceramic and restorative materials, etc.)., of dental and denture consumables, products for treatment and maintenance of good oral hygiene and more.

The business program of BULMEDICA / BULDENTAL is populated with initiatives (courses, seminars, professional debates, video demonstrations, presentations of modern equipment  new methods, etc.) bringing together the interests of doctors, nurses, patients, pharmaceutical industry, academics and research units and other institutions for quality healthcare in the country.

Free campaigns for wide health culture and praising revention of major diseases (chronic viral hepatitis, HIV / AIDS and lung diseases) was organized for the visitors at the exhibition.     

The awarded doctors and dentists was selected on the basis of questionnaires - 7 voucher worth BGN 2,000, to purchase until October 1, 2014 equipment, materials, supplies, etc. by exhibitors at BULMEDICA / BULDENTAL. 

The professional forums and novelties presented at the exhibition will reach the specialists with the special edition of BULMEDICA / BULDENTAL - the business guide today..